SW1 was a unique opportunity to convert a derelict two hectare city blocks into a vibrant and diversified mixed-used precinct. Constrained by two major arterial roads and adjoining the convention centre, the site presented many challenges for the delivery of a mixed use precinct that integrates South Bank into West End. The site blends four commercial towers and six residential buildings by interweaving a rich ground plan that includes various retail and entertaining areas and a ground breaking urban landscape.

The SW1 precinct is distinguished by its array of residential, office, food outlets and retail typologies and their experimental nature. The residential components range from small apartment buildings to warehouse townhouses.

SW1 was a staged development of an entire city bock. The taller commercial towers were bookend at the Russell and Melbourne Street frontages with the lower residential buildings located in the centre of the precinct. Under the built forbric exist a full double basement that provides parking for all users and the general public.

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