The Barracks

Few sites can compare to the Barracks in terms of development challenges. The site had been an urban blight that attracted vandals for fifteen years included 3 heritage listed buildings and was the location of Brisbanes second jail, completed in 1860. The site was the home of the Queensland Police and the three-storey brick Police Barracks building and has for many years been a major landmark on Petrie Terrace. The landmark qualities have been maintained with the careful restoration. The 1912 Stables building has been retained and adapted for new uses as has the 1939 wireless transmission building now Hogs Breath Cafe.

The Barracks has been a catalyst for the revitalisation of Petrie Terrace. The 120 million dollar redevelopment has introduced a vibrant mixed-use retail and commercial hub. The public walkway and bridge over the railway has provided a vital nexus to the CBD and has vastly improved the passage of stadium patrons to and from events.

Today the site is a safe, secure and outstanding addition to the local community and has brought great social and economic benefits to the area. A much-loved but long-neglected Brisbane landmark has been utterly transformed and is now a centre of business activity and social gathering - an urban renewal success story.

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